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Through filmmaking and teaching, Warrior Films bears witness to social realities, inspiring citizens worldwide to create needed social change.

Warrior Films is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

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Help Wanted

We need a part-time Community Partners Director to do the tasks below.  The qualified candidate will have a minimum 3-5 years coalition building and community partnership experience, ideally at both local and national levels.  Though specific experience with film outreach is helpful it is not required.  Diverse candidates are most welcome. 

Job to start ASAP.  Our hope is that it will last for 3-5 years, building in responsibility and pay, to eventually become a full-time job overseeing the entire Outreach for the finished film.

Job Responsibilities

  •  Enroll local and national youth development organizations and community groups to partner with Warrior Films’ Rites of Passage film project.  The following are key objectives from partnering organizations:
    •  to provide input to the film and the outreach curriculum
    • to commit to receiving the finished film and curriculum
    • to commit to screening the film publicly, agreeing to provide post screening discussion facilitation themselves or with us.
    • to partner with us to solicit grants from foundations and other funders.
    • to write “to whom it may concern” project endorsement letters that we collect and disseminate.
    • to secure participation from their colleague institutions.
    • to agree to host fundraisers where I appear and speak and we split the revenues.
    • Coordinate paid and unpaid speaking opportunities for Frederick Marx to speak on issues related to youth rites of passage and mentorship.
    • Possibly: Coordinate “living room fundraisers.”

Skills Required:

  • Good strategic and tactical thinker and planner.
  • Good with building relationships, on phone, in person, and via email.

  • Comfortable working with people and alone. Capable of being both self-directed and taking direction.

  • Good time management, writing, planning, and basic math skills.

  • Excellent computer skills across multiple programs.
  • Proven deal-maker: Ability to negotiate effectively and close partnership deals, always finding the win-win.
  • Highly self-motivated and able to work independently while delivering solid results and being accountable.
  • Professional self-presentation and demeanor.

Pay and Prerequisites:

  • Office Equipment and Expenses: Director must work predominantly from home, meeting E.D. Marx weekly by phone or in person.  Director will provide at his/her own expense computer and software tools, Internet service, unlimited phone and long distance service, and local Bay Area transportation necessary for fulfillment of all job responsibilities.  Company will reimburse Director for other out of pocket expenses including but not limited to non-local travel and creation and replication of marketing and film publicity tools, DVDs and cases, office supplies, stamps, mailers. 
  • Pay: $20 hour.  20 hours/week.  You must work as an independent contractor, paying state and federal taxes yourself.  Unfortunately, we do not offer benefits.


1. A NON-GENERIC cover letter explaining your interest in working with our company, highlighting your qualifications for the desired position

2. Email the above as an attachment and in the body of the email to: contact@warriorfilms.org

***please type “Community Partners Director” in the subject field***

To learn more about Frederick Marx, Warrior Films, and Rites of Passage, please visit: http://www.warriorfilms.org/rites-of-passage/ and www.warriorfilms.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!