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Many of you have been contributors to our work.  Thank you!  We invite you to consider signing on for a monthly pledge. Monthly pledges make it possible for us to budget and plan more effectively.  They should also make your support for us both easier to budget and more convenient.

Here are some of the ways your support sustains us:

  • $500 buys me a monthly flight and per diem for a festival or fundraiser.  
  • $200 makes it possible for us to deliver all our DVDs and master film prints worldwide.  
  • $100 helps keep the lights on and the internet flowing.  
  • $75 pays for phone service so I can stay in touch with you 24/7.  
  • $50 is what I spend on preview screeners and special Blu Ray film copies.  
  • $25 affords us our entire snail mail outreach by buying postage and beautiful new return envelopes.
  • $10 gets me to and from the Oakland airport on BART for each new festival or fundraiser.
  • $5 pays my bill every time I sit down to tea with a prospective partner.
  • Even $1/month makes a difference; so don’t discount your ability to make an impact at any level.