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Be one of the first 500 people to create global awareness through conscious visual storytelling! We only need 500 supporters like you to make our social-action films!   As storytellers, Warrior Film’s objective is to tell compelling emotional stories that underscore the depth, complexity and rich humanity of our subjects, while creating conscious awareness to foster world change.

  • Your generous donation today will allow Warrior Films to bring the stories of society’s forgotten and dispossessed, the “underdogs” of society (the poor, young, elderly disabled, people of color, prisoners, veterans, women, immigrants, and more) to the forefront of American awareness.
  • Your donation will also provide our film subjects with a broad outlet to be heard, along with the honor and dignity they so richly deserve.
  • You will be pleased to learn that a portion of our film’s proceeds is donated back to the film participants to help relieve suffering here and abroad, enabling them to enact transformational change in their own communities.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Warrior Films relies heavily on your generosity to provide needed services to our film subjects. Just a few of the ways your support sustains our organization and enables us to help our subjects includes:

  • $500 buys me a monthly flight and per diem for a festival or fundraiser.
  • $200 makes it possible for us to deliver all our DVDs and master film prints worldwide.
  • $100 helps keep the lights on and the internet flowing.
  • $75 pays for phone service so I can stay in touch with you 24/7.
  • $50 is what I spend on preview screeners and special Blu Ray film copies.
  • $25 affords us our entire snail mail outreach by buying postage and beautiful new return envelopes.
  • $10 gets me to and from the Oakland airport on BART for each new festival or fundraiser.
  • $5 pays my bill every time I sit down to tea with a prospective partner.
  • Even $1/month makes a difference; so don’t discount your ability to make an impact at any level.

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