Warrior Films - Filmography

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 Journey from Zanskar

Journey from Zanskar - documentary featuring the Dalai Lama, narrated by Richard Gere. In a heartrending effort to preserve its culture, an isolated Tibetan Buddhist village sends its children on a harrowing trek to a school and monastery in India.

Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams, one of the most acclaimed documentaries ever, tells the story of two high school basketball players and their families over a 4.5 year period, covering the boys' entire high school careers as they pursue the elusive dream of professional basketball success. One of Roger Ebert's favorite films.

Higher Goals

Higher Goals is the half hour, “stay-in-school” version of HOOP DREAMS. Nominated for an Emmy as “Best Daytime Children’s Program.” The real life stories of two high school athletes demonstrate that the sports skills of practice and discipline can be applied to academics as well. Also features a girl’s hoop dreams story - Kim Williams.

Boys to Men?

Boys to Men? explores of the lives of ordinary young men and the extraordinary challenges they face, training its focus on the pressures and expectations faced by a diverse group of young males in America.

Short Films by Frederick Marx

Short Films by Frederick Marx includes four documentaries: House of UnAmerican Activities looks at the struggles of the filmmaker's father, a U.S. Navy sailor during World War II and an American Communist, during the McCarthy era. Dreams from China is a first-person record of China's transition from hard-line communism to present-day capitalism. Dream Documentary and Hiding Out for Heaven complete the set.

The Unspoken, a 2-hour feature film, tells the story of Jean, a small-town child preacher who grows up in an institution without speaking. When involuntarily released, he ends up in an abandoned motel where he meets Cory, a "hard knocks" woman. Together they embark on a strange journey of healing.

Rolling Steel

Rolling Steel - An audio recording of music by Tom Yore and Frederick Marx. Free to share under a Creative Commons license.


Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage - Mentoring the Future will not only tell an inspirational story showing why mentorship and ritually guided rites of passage are essential for all young people, it will offer a launching pad for a movement of communities creating programs for their own youth. Slated for release in 2016, this project needs your support today!


Veterans Journey Home

Veterans Journey Home follows five returning US veterans as they find healing at a transformational workshop, where they cathartically release the pain and stress of their combat experience and are able to rededicate themselves as husbands, fathers, and civilian members of society.