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House of UnAmerican Activities is the compelling story of a filmmaker's search for the father he never really knew.   Frederick Marx, a maker of Hoop Dreams, draws on a wealth of historical and family archives to take a rich, personal look at a troubled era. "You are not fit to be a citizen of the United States," said a U.S. Representative to Werner Marx, a German-Jewish refugee, distinguished sailor in the U.S. Navy during World War II, American Communist -- as he tried to have him de-naturalized in a hearing of the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities.

Also included in this release are four other Frederick Marx films -- Dream Documentary, Hiding Out for Heaven, a secret bonus film!, and Dreams from China. The latter, a historic first-person record of China's transition from hard-line communism to present-day capitalism, offers Western witness to the early days of the "economic miracle."  It is available as a stand-alone purchase for universities, libraries, museums, schools, and non-profit groups here.

The Films of Frederick Marx: Four Shorts NTSC DVD

Run Time: 69 minutes
Copyright 2011, Frederick Marx

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