The Reviews Are In


Heartbreaking.  Shines a light on a place and a way of life that are rapidly changing.  NEW YORK TIMES


Full of suspense, vivid dangers, strong personalities and energetic tots. Surprisingly entertaining pic… seems destined for a PBS or cable airing. Thankfully eschewing sentimentality.  VARIETY


Unusual intelligence, common sense, and decency; it's the rare urgent-issue movie that refuses to pummel you with the importance of its subject matter. A quiet achievement.  SLANT Magazine


Extraordinary, remarkable.  VILLAGE VOICE

Effective suspense and compassion.  NEW YORK MAGAZINE


The debates in this country about funding for education, charter schools and test scores seem like small potatoes indeed after watching "Journey From Zanskar."  CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER

 Wondrous… A perfect, and highly imaginative complement to Hoop Dreams…  It seems certain to speak to millions.  Pico Iyer, author: “The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama"

Beautiful, powerful, and heart-warming… I hope the film will bring much needed assistance to the noble Zanskari people.  Robert Thurman, Founder, Tibet House, NYC


Compelling. NATIONAL POST (Canada)

Heart-breaking and action-packed. TORONTO GLOBE AND MAIL

Seat-of-the-pants filmmaking. NOW Magazine

Gripping…  Fascinating... The sight of tiny children making their way across the frozen land is an indelible image.  Cleveland Plain Dealer

Audiences will definitely root for these kids and feel for their parents.  The Epoch Times

Compelling viewers to care about not only the outcome of this particular journey, but about the fate of Zanskari culture.  SEE Magazine

A tale of sacrifice and devotion... This is a film that really does put our lives into perspective.