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Jean, a small-town child preacher grows up in an institution without speaking. When involuntarily released, he ends up in an abandoned motel where he meets Cory - a “hard knocks” woman. Together they embark on a strange journey of healing.

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"This film is beautifully shot, with a great soundtrack of different kinds of music to it. A naturalistic film that reminded me of Nicholas Roeg's "Walkabout", in that two characters live a natural life, only in this case its in an abandoned roadside motel in the heartland, not the Australian outback. When the film comes to its second hour, the second half of the film, I wasn't sure if the plot was worthy of the entrancing first half of the film, when the two lost souls, the lead man and lead woman, find each other and "set up camp." When a secret is finally revealed, it's sort of worth it. But the dynamics of the two newer characters with the two original ones is truly interesting. I'm being vague here, as I discovered this on a videotape from a film festival reject pile, and feel like others should discover it the way I did, not knowing a thing about the gradual story. I disagree with the programmers of this not-to-be-named festival. I think this would have been a good film to show. It won't please everyone, but people who love a visually arresting film with an unfolding secret will stay with it. All in all, very well done."

-- A Review posted at nhpbob, New Hyde Park, NY, September 5, 2000


"Frederick Marx, best known for co-directing HOOP DREAMS, delivers a slam-dunk with this startlingly unsettling film. The film is a beautiful meditation on the concept of nature vs. nurture as it follows a whacked-out hero's journey of a man -- whose been tossed out of an insane asylum -- and his relations with an equally mad woman. The film deals with self-discovery by using archetypal themes, mythological overtones and Garden of Eden references. The best advice for this film is 'Don't ask questions just go with the flow.' It's a crowd pleaser on a cerebral level."

-- Independent Film Magazine, April 1999

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The Unspoken NTSC DVD

Run Time: 123 minutes
Copyright 2011, Frederick Marx

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